🌟 **Calling All Original NewBreed Girls! 📣✨** December 12, 2023 17:02



I heart skater girls by NewBreed Girl Y2k fashion

Remember the sass, the girl empowerment, and those glittery characters that rocked the late '90s? We're back with a blast from the past - the debut of our FIRST character release, Skater Girl, on our *exclusive* baseball hat!


🔙 Let's rewind to those days when NewBreed Girl ruled the scene with 100+ iconic glitter girlie characters. We're bringing back the nostalgia with Skater Girl in a whole new way!

👯‍♀️ **Calling All Originals:**

Share with a friend who rocked our '90s glitter girlie designs to reconnect with your NewBreed Girl crew. We want to reunite with the OGs who made our character legendary! 

whats ur story? Which one did you have.. and which character should we bring back next?

Get ready to grab your piece of the '90s vibe with the Skater Girl baseball hat - a blast from the past, revamped for the present!


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