Talk about a THROWBACK..Do you remember these? ..If so, please share this post. September 21, 2015 18:38

Way back when, like WA-aay back in '98-ish, while in school, I hand-doodled something ( was pretty bad) & we put it on a shirt & it basically started the company, as it was a phenomenal success & we sold tons & tons, which is how we landed in this biz.

We have been trying to find some of those original doodles or shirts, but the art never even made it to a computer.. Laptops didn't exist!  And we didn't think to keep any samples. 
But right now someone wrote in asking if we had any & sent a photo.  Well I literally FELL off my chair! I can't believe she kept it all this time. This is a RARE find!  Here it is. 

Did you own one of our GLITTER GIRLIES or know of someone that did?  PLEASE SHARE THIS POST!

AND let us know which one, in the comment box below!


It is the first time, since early 2000, that I have seen this.  There is also a Luke & R2D2 version somewhere which is even rarer. It makes my day to see this again:) 

We would love to know which design you had, where you bought it & what was your FAVE character?  There were about 125 lil characters- now vintage & collectible. This one being one of the rarest.

Should we bring them back ? Lets get this post VIRAL and find the original fans