The Last Unicorn.. design your dream style July 3, 2015 13:09

The Last Unicorn is a new venture for us & as you can see we have primarily focused on the tour merch. Of recent we've been asked if we are going to do more dresses & fashion items. Well the answer is a big YES, we can't wait.

Currently we are occupied with covering the basics & recreating artwork.  We can't use the actual cells from the Last Unicorn movie as the quality simply isn't good enough ( its all fuzzy when blown up) so the movie cells have to be recreated by hand from scratch in Illustrator.  

Anyway in the meantime, I thought, why don't we ask you what you'd like to see? ..What styles of dresses, tops? Which scenes?  

Let us know, and if you can drawn send us an etching or doodle.  You never know, we may pick your design & if we do, of course you'd  get one for free.

We'd LOVE to hear back.

Email : or contact us thru the home page.