Late Late Show with James Corden gate crashes neighbors house.. March 26, 2015 20:03

 Ok so TV SPOILER ALERT… The Late Late Show with James Corden JUST gatecrashed my neighbors house RIGHT NOW & is actually filming an episode of the Late Late show in my neighbors living room, live guests an' all!!

I just happened to be strolling with Nigel ( the office pug) on this lovely warm LA evening, & who did I see strumming his guitar in the front door?   No other than BECK himself! ( or i think it was Beck 'cause then i got escorted immediately off the side-walk by Security)

I'd tried to get someone on set to give Beck one of our shirts but to no avail, as apparently this gig is all hush-hush, but if Security had been a bit cooler  ( I do live here too)  then maybe I wouldn't be blogging this right now. SORRY CBS:(

Beck if that WAS you that i saw with your tousled hair, strumming that acoustic guitar,  i know you would have LOVED this T-Shirt i had for you. :(