NewBreed Girl Yin Yang Unicorn Face Mask

$ 12.99

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YIN YANG UNICORN, in a face mask!
Never in our lifetime did we ever think we would be designing face masks, but we all need to keep moving forward despited the adversity

We figured out a great bi-fold pattern, cutting, printing and sewing ourselves during quarantine, to produce our first Yin Yang UNICORN face mask.

The number-one value of our fabric mask is that it has the potential to help prevent any virus spreading to others. The bi-fold style measure approximately 5.5 x 4.5" and forms around the contours of the face, leaving as few gaps as we achieve

There are 3 layers to the mask, the middle layer being a 'non-woven filter' although we make no claims to the preventative %

The face-mask is the global symbol, that we will all remember 2020 by!

Stay safe..and thank you for supporting us during this difficult period


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