Ugly Snuglies: Huge plushies with hidden surprises

They are called Ugly Snuglies, but we don’t think they are ugly at all, in fact we think they they are cute AF & each super soft plushy has as surprise hidden feature Inside. 

They are very large and very cuddly! ( measures 21") with soft fur that feels so nice to the touch, making all of these toys ideal for cuddling.

They are larger than the average plushy, and are almost as large as a small child, but we think far cuter!

Not only will their large size make them seem more real, it will also allow each to serve as a comfortable pillow for a grown-up ( or childs) head.

Limited quantity- these will go fast. They are the last! No restocking. Please purchase in advance if for gift

Not for children ( or adults) under age 10