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Introducing our very first THE LAST UNICORN face mask!
Never in our lifetime did we ever think we would be designing face masks, but we all need to keep moving forward 

We figured out a great bi-fold pattern, cutting, printing and sewing ourselves during quarantine, to produce our first LAST UNICORN face mask.
The bi-fold style measure approximately 5.5" x 4.5" and forms around the contours of the face, leaving as few gaps as we could
There are 3 layers to the mask, the middle layer being a 'non-woven filter' although we make no claims to the preventative % 
The number-one value of our fabric mask is that it has the potential to help prevent any virus spreading to others

The face-mask is the global symbol, that we will all remember 2020 by and what better than one from our favorite movie

Stay safe..and thank you for supporting us during 2020

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