$ 18.00

THE DEETS: Whats in a surprise GRAB BAG?

Sometimes we have slight irregulars. A slight irregular is a garment that has a slight defect that is barely noticeable, like a small mark, an ink smudge, missing label etc.  Stuff like that, but no holes! Some people don't mind these ( i know i don't ) so for only $4 more you can add to your order & get a surprise garment that would normally have a full retail value of around $18, or more.  

You must order over $18 worth of other products & enter code GRABBAG at check out to receive the Grab Bags $4 price point.   Only one GRAB BAG per order.

We try to take into your consideration your taste, based on what you've ordered but the GRAB BAG garment will be a surprise!!

There are no returns on GRAB BAG garments- All sales final.

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