Callin' All Paleontologists... March 28, 2015 17:00

Loving the shots done by Virginia Photog Reuben Chapman. We added our hand-drawn T-Rex for added attention.  What is your fave dino movie?

Late Late Show with James Corden gate crashes neighbors house.. March 26, 2015 20:03

 Ok so TV SPOILER ALERT… The Late Late Show with James Corden JUST gatecrashed my neighbors house RIGHT NOW & is actually filming an episode of the Late Late show in my neighbors living room, live guests an' all!!

I just happened to be strolling with Nigel ( the office pug) on this lovely warm LA evening, & who did I see strumming his guitar in the front door?   No other than BECK himself! ( or i think it was Beck 'cause then i got escorted immediately off the side-walk by Security)

I'd tried to get someone on set to give Beck one of our shirts but to no avail, as apparently this gig is all hush-hush, but if Security had been a bit cooler  ( I do live here too)  then maybe I wouldn't be blogging this right now. SORRY CBS:(

Beck if that WAS you that i saw with your tousled hair, strumming that acoustic guitar,  i know you would have LOVED this T-Shirt i had for you. :(

The Last Unicorn product info, size 2XL's here we come! March 18, 2015 16:26

Further to all the questions about sizing after we debuted.  YES we do have a guys size 2XL in THE LAST UNICORN Retro Poster design now!!  Its a super soft cotton shirt listed in the UNISEX section of THE LAST UNICORN and we have sizes from S up to 2XL. 

We have also added size charts for the TLU products & are in process of updating sizing charts for NBG stuff too.

Check out our newly listed gals skinny fashion tank for THE LAST UNICORN.  More summer tanks will be added in the next few days.

Photoshoot: behind the scenes with local brand, Rebel Republic! March 14, 2015 18:20


Behind the scenes sneak peek with fashion photographer, Virginia native, Reuben Chapman of Reuben Photography. Rebel Republic's 'Southern Style' muscle top debuts under the Brands section of NewBreeds web-shop. 

Ok quickie blog..George RR Martin March 13, 2015 18:07

SO JELLY right now!
The Last Unicorn screening TONIGHT 3/13 , 6:00 PM & Saturday 3/14, 2:00 & 7:00 PM: JEAN COCTEAU CINEMA in SANTA FE, NM

As you know the Jean Cocteau Cinema is the theater that GEORGE RR MARTIN (#Game OfThronesDuh) owns & renovated...& George is one of Peters BFF, so he will probably be there..!  I need piccys with shirts guys..plee-eze!!

From the Group Legal Director and Corporate Secretary of ITV.. March 12, 2015 12:35

From the Group Legal Director and Corporate Secretary of ITV, the English media conglomerate that owns the film rights to THE LAST UNICORN.

"To Whom it May Concern:

"As of March 1st, 2015, ITV has the right to remake THE LAST UNICORN. ITV and Avicenna Development Corporation have agreed to reunify all LAST UNICORN rights and create an appropriate foundation for future worldwide business with this classic property."

This news was announced on the Arizona tour & Peter received a solid 5 minute eye watering standing ovation ...rightly deserved!

Yes, peeps, after a life-long uphill battle,  the live action movie rights are back in Peter’s hands!!!

Time to move forward on the making of that live action movie.

OMG The Last Unicorn shirts sold out!!! March 08, 2015 14:03

The Last Unicorn shirts we made on Friday, pretty much sold out in less than 24 hours! But don't worry we have them on pre-order & next week we will be back on track making some more. We will be adding more sizes & different fits.

We are also dying to get started on additional TLU designs, more movie frame art, more quotes & more fashion pieces & accessories. Please stay posted for more...

Such an exciting venture & proud to be a part of it. 

Many thanks to all the fans for supporting!  

Arizona here we come... March 07, 2015 12:58

In fashion things never go to plan. Looks easy HA.. NO!.. something always comes out of the woodwork when you have a deadline. This week it was a lethal cold that struck the printing dept, & the tees for the The Last Unicorn tour got pushed back to the day before the first screening in Arizona..Arrghh!

BUt WE DID IT!  And an awesome job too.  We all ( including Nigel the pug) helped tag, pack & bundle until 12am where upon Peter S. & the gang picked them up & drove from LA to AZ in the rockstar manner they are accustomed too. ( tour van & no sleep)

HELLO any expresso? 

It all started with a pair of unicorn socks.. January 26, 2015 13:07

When I randomly met fantasy author, Peter S Beagle, I did not know who he was!
I was selling my unicorn socks & tees & Peter off-handedly informed me that he'd written a book about a unicorn.  I traded 2 pairs of unicorn socks for his yellow paper-back novel & went about my business.

 Peters poetic writing style, along with his inspirational quotes, immediately caught my attention. I was hooked!!  This wasn't any ordinary novel, this was a fine piece of literary art. 

That book was titled 'The Last Unicorn' originally printed in 1968.

Growing up in England, 'The Last Unicorn' was not at all prolific, but i couldn't understand why i hadn't even heard of it.  Peter used subtle Northern English dialect & Robin Hood references in his writings ( I am from Nottingham) .huh?

Then I discovered the animated movie version with actors Allan Arkin, Mia Farrow, Christopher Lee, to name a few. The movie was stunning, hand illustrated by hugely talented Japanese artist Kubo & the TopCraft team, later to form the infamous Studio Ghibli ..AND thats not all...The Last Unicorn was the annual Xmas movie they rolled out every year in Germany  ( Das Letze Einhorn! ).
Could 'The Last Unicorn' be the best kept, little secret, ever?  
Needless to say, I became a rabid Peter S. Beagle fan, devouring his other talented novels, Tamsin & A Fine & Private Place.

When Peter approached me about becoming an official licensee / brand manager,  I could not be more elated. (You can call those unicorn socks damn magical!!)

The stunning artwork, along with the inspirational & funny quotes, are simply to die for. I am truly honored to be part of the 'Last Unicorns' new journey. ( know there is an interactive Broadway musical in the works, right?)

So this is the very start of that journey, (..Peter would probably call it a fairytale) 

We have exciting plans for a LAST UNICORN merchandise mix.  In the mean time we didn't want to hold off.  We are introducing the 2 nostalgia frame tees of 'The Last Unicorn' by NewBreed Girl' that we made especially for Jan 2015 TLU Cali screening tour.

Also check out our own kawaii-cute designs. We have limited quantities on everything, so don't wait.  These are not available in any big store, we prefer to keep it personal.