The Last Unicorn.. the ONLY UNISEX UNICORN! August 06, 2015 18:15

Can you believe that nearly 40% of the LAST UNICORN sales are guys!  Yup, we have an awesome fan base of guys from all walks of life.. anime fans of STUDIO GHIBLI & legendary animator Hayao Miyazaki, literary fans of fantasy novels & the works of PETER S. BEAGLE, and movie fans of nostalgia cult classics ( in addition to the BF that was dragged along to the original screenings) 

The black red & white Retro Poster shirt is the T-shirt of choice.  It has such a vintage rock star vibe. I was told that the original posters 'raw' look was not intentional but was done by the son of one of the producers of RANKIN BASS, who simply couldn't draw very well.  

Well we simply LOVE IT!