It all started with a pair of unicorn socks.. January 26, 2015 13:07

When I randomly met fantasy author, Peter S Beagle, I did not know who he was!
I was selling my unicorn socks & tees & Peter off-handedly informed me that he'd written a book about a unicorn.  I traded 2 pairs of unicorn socks for his yellow paper-back novel & went about my business.

 Peters poetic writing style, along with his inspirational quotes, immediately caught my attention. I was hooked!!  This wasn't any ordinary novel, this was a fine piece of literary art. 

That book was titled 'The Last Unicorn' originally printed in 1968.

Growing up in England, 'The Last Unicorn' was not at all prolific, but i couldn't understand why i hadn't even heard of it.  Peter used subtle Northern English dialect & Robin Hood references in his writings ( I am from Nottingham) .huh?

Then I discovered the animated movie version with actors Allan Arkin, Mia Farrow, Christopher Lee, to name a few. The movie was stunning, hand illustrated by hugely talented Japanese artist Kubo & the TopCraft team, later to form the infamous Studio Ghibli ..AND thats not all...The Last Unicorn was the annual Xmas movie they rolled out every year in Germany  ( Das Letze Einhorn! ).
Could 'The Last Unicorn' be the best kept, little secret, ever?  
Needless to say, I became a rabid Peter S. Beagle fan, devouring his other talented novels, Tamsin & A Fine & Private Place.

When Peter approached me about becoming an official licensee / brand manager,  I could not be more elated. (You can call those unicorn socks damn magical!!)

The stunning artwork, along with the inspirational & funny quotes, are simply to die for. I am truly honored to be part of the 'Last Unicorns' new journey. ( know there is an interactive Broadway musical in the works, right?)

So this is the very start of that journey, (..Peter would probably call it a fairytale) 

We have exciting plans for a LAST UNICORN merchandise mix.  In the mean time we didn't want to hold off.  We are introducing the 2 nostalgia frame tees of 'The Last Unicorn' by NewBreed Girl' that we made especially for Jan 2015 TLU Cali screening tour.

Also check out our own kawaii-cute designs. We have limited quantities on everything, so don't wait.  These are not available in any big store, we prefer to keep it personal.